Improve your pets life with animal chiropractic! a non-invasive and non-surgical approach to health

Animals can suffer from the same ailments people do but sometimes have a harder time showing us that they hurt. Pets can suffer from disc herniations, back and neck pain, hip and shoulder dysfunction, and even jaw pain. If your pet has trouble getting up and down the stairs, trouble rising, limps, drops food, or yelps when being picked up, chiropractic care can help. Other signs to watch out for include irritability, decreased performance, stiffness, puppy sitting, muscle spasms, or simply them “not being themselves.

Chiropractic focuses on both pain management and preventative care. Dr. Molly provides an affordable and highly effective, gentle and caring service is perfect to improve your pets health and longevity.

If your dog or cat lacks mobility or range of motion, and seems to be in pain, please consider NWA Animal Chiropractic!

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