what to expect  Bentonville, Arkansas
At Limitless Chiropractic we take your health seriously. As a new patient in our office there are some steps to make sure you are a great candidate for chiropractic care and ensure your plan of care is unique to you.

Before you arrive, you will have received paperwork to fill out online in the comfort of your own home and a brief video about our practice, that way when you walk through the door for your first visit, we can get right to work!

Day 1: Discovery Day

Data day is your first visit to the office where we will collect as much information as we can about you and the issues you are seeking answers for!

  • A consultation to make sure you are in the right place
  • A thorough physical exam and detailed history of your presenting issue
  • Spinal X-Rays (if necessary)
  • After that, you are all set and then the Drs. Will go over your findings to create a unique plan of care to address your unique spinal needs.

Day 2: Reveal Day

Discovery day is special. It is your second visit to the office where we lay out what we have found and answer all questions you may have! On this visit you will learn:

  • What is Good about your spine & health
  • What needs improvement
  • How long it will take
  • How often we will need to see you
  • What changes you will need to make
  • How much it will cost

Finally you will get Adjusted!

If there’s anyone other than the patient involved in health care decisions, it’s a great idea to bring them to Day 2 to help make important decisions and get started on the road to health.